Di Febo Serramenti is Libra sub-frame’s official retailer.

Libra feels like hovering in the air. “Libra” is the Latin for dragonfly, a name which recalls the lightness of a beautiful insect soaring through the sky. “Libra” means freedom  to assemble dispersion –free fixtures.

Here’s Libra: Maico’s modular structure for windows, doors and shutters  showcased at Klimahouse fair in Bolzano.

It’s a sub-frame which can be used to build fixtures, roller shutter case and awnings. We are working to make it suitable for building blinds too. In each form you want it to work, Libra will solve every problem linked to window hole’s insulation.

Whether thermal insulation (Libra’s roller shutters case transmittance is 10 times lower than a common one  with a 1,5 cm thick lid), or acoustic insulation (thanks to a 48 Decibels noise level reduction).

In addition, a window built with Libra sub-frame structure will make you spare until 45% on the heating/cooling systems bill! But how is it possible for Libra to reach such unbelievable results?  Let’s find out!

Libra’s jamb –in which the fixture can be set in three different positions (towards the outside, aligned to the wall or between this two)- it’s made in insulating EPS material.

Its compactness and stability are enough to leave it as it is, you won’t need any other metal profile to build the jamb in. This feature will protect your rooms from dangerous mold, condensation and thermal bridges.

Libra is a thermal insulating protection for the fixture. In fact, the window is built on a 6,5 cm framework which protects three sides (side struts and upper beam) of the window frame, boosting its thermal transmittance values (UF-value).
On the fourth side there’s space for mounting the sill with built in thermal break, slightly tilted (2 degrees) for better rain drainage.
Libra’s roller shutter and awning case will get rid of every thermal bridge problem: an overlapped double layer tapered lid provides even more insulation to the system.
Jamb can be painted with an elastic, special paint: it covers the EPS profiles in a skin-like layer which will never crack and will seal the gaps.
The whole Libra system (sub-frame, jamb and case) weighs only 10 kilograms, making it surprisingly portable during the phases of assembly, transport and on-site installation.